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Our wellness taskforce meets quarterly and has set an important sodium reduction goal: by 2020, we aim to reduce sodium levels in select products within our branded retail portfolio by an average of 15 percent. The graphic below identifies the results from the 2013 Sodium Reduction Analysis:

New Options

In 2013, we added two healthy options to our tortilla portfolio:

Ending Hunger

CHI-CHI’S® 100 calorie fajita style tortillas are high in fiber and meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for “healthy.”

Ending Hunger

CHI-CHI’S® high fiber fajita style tortillas are high in fiber, are made from whole wheat flour plus a blend of multigrains, and meet FDA standards for “healthy.”

Portion Control and Minimizing Food Waste

Hormel Foods offers a variety of products to help consumers with portion control, while at the same time minimizing the amount of food waste from leftover food. Examples include our Dinty Moore® microwave cups, Hormel® microwave cups, Hormel® Compleats® microwave meals and Hormel® Kids Kitchen® microwave cups.

2020 Goals

We have reached a 15% sodium reduction in many categories and continue to explore additional categories to reduce sodium.