The Weifang SKIPPY® Foods Plant Team Focuses on the Environment

Following the acquisition of SKIPPY® peanut butter, continuing to encourage employee engagement in the area of environmental impact awareness at the plant in Weifang, China was a priority for the company. The plant team held several activities to raise awareness of “greener” living and production within their facilities. Events included team activities, a poster display and brainstorming activities about how to live/work better, and plant personnel were trained on carbon dioxide, water, waste and energy reduction within their facilities.


Hormel Foods is dedicated to producing products in a sustainable and responsible manner. This principle continues to guide our company as it has for more than 120 years, since George A. Hormel founded Hormel Foods.

Our goals are established on absolute reductions. To help meet these environmental goals across the company, we invest in our facilities and establish specific metrics to improve the efficiency of our operations. We will report our goal progress and will continue to report normalized results.

To learn more about environmental policies at Hormel Foods, read our environment section on our corporate site.