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About This Report

About This Report

The 2013 Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility Report provides information useful to our stakeholders, which include customers, employees, consumers, investors, communities, government agencies and non-profit organizations. It covers anecdotal and benchmark data from fiscal year 2013 (November 2012 to October 2013), unless otherwise noted. Our previous reports covered fiscal years 2006 to 2012.

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Based in Austin, Minn., Hormel Foods is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of high quality, brand name food and meat products for consumers throughout the world.

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The Weifang SKIPPY® Foods Plant Team Focuses on the Environment

Following the acquisition of SKIPPY® peanut butter, continuing to encourage employee engagement in the area of environmental impact awareness at the plant in Weifang, China was a priority for the company. The plant team held several activities to raise awareness of “greener” living and production within their facilities. Events included team activities, a poster display and brainstorming activities about how to live/work better, and plant personnel were trained on carbon dioxide, water, waste and energy reduction within their facilities.


Hormel Foods is dedicated to producing products in a sustainable and responsible manner. This principle continues to guide our company as it has for more than 120 years, since George A. Hormel founded Hormel Foods.

Our goals are established on absolute reductions. To help meet these environmental goals across the company, we invest in our facilities and establish specific metrics to improve the efficiency of our operations. We will report our goal progress and will continue to report normalized results.

To learn more about environmental policies at Hormel Foods, read our environment section on our corporate site.


Since our founding in 1891, Hormel Foods has been committed to the highest standards for animal care and handling. We uphold these standards through means such as on-site assessments that help us ensure our employees are practicing safe and ethical animal care. They also help us formulate the animal care portion of our Supplier Responsibility Principles, which encourage our suppliers to follow our commitment to responsible environmental and social performance.

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In January, Hormel Foods acquired the iconic SKIPPY® peanut butter business and has fully integrated the operations, logistics and sales of the brand into its Grocery Products division domestically.


By 2020, we aim to reduce sodium levels in select products within our branded retail portfolio by an average of 15 percent.


Hormel Foods recognizes the importance and impact that employees have on all areas of our business. That is why we place priority in ensuring the growth, development and engagement of our employees.

More information about our employees, benefits, fair employment practices, and employee engagement can be found on our corporate site.


We believe in making our communities better — they are our neighborhoods, and we invest in making them great places to live, work and play. This is our responsibility, intrinsic to our culture and our heritage.

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